Explanation and Expectations

Hi all–Just dropping a line to let you know that the initial goal I’m setting for this blog is to post two actionable pieces of legislation per week. I’m a journalist, so my goal isn’t to make you call one way or another but rather to encourage people to call their elected representation with an informed opinion of pending legislation. Obviously I’m posting bills I think are important or controversial, which likely means I have strong feelings about them myself, but I’m not going to be sharing those feelings or trying to sway you in my direction. I aim to provide information that allows my readers to draw their own conclusions.

I expect the quantity of posts will change, as my life and routine does, but expect two bills per week for now (should be posting one this evening, so keep your eyes peeled). There are ways to subscribe through WordPress to get my posts via email, and you can also follow me on Medium (@alexleedsmatthews) where I will repost all materials.

In the meantime, check out this snappy explainer on the state’s legislative processes from Capitol Weekly, the outlet where I used to work. Happy calling!


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