AB 16 – Expand DNA Collection for Certain Convicts

AB 16

The Basics

Expands provisions that require felony convicts to provide fingerprints and other DNA samples to require those convicted of certain misdemeanors to provide DNA samples.


  • The specific samples required would be: buccal swabs, right thumbprints, full palm imprints, and ‘any blood specimens or other biological samples required for law enforcement identification analysis,’ a final provision, which strikes me as quite broad (and would be a big question for any source I got in touch with).
  • Proponents include victims of crimes who say it would help solve cold cases and other criminal investigations, such as rape, murder, and assault.
  • Opponents are concerned that this law would violate individual rights to privacy, particularly for minorities and immigrants, who are already disproportionately targeted by most criminal justice laws and enforcement.
  • Here is the bill text.

Who to call

Media Coverage


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