AB 1578 – Protect state cannabis from federal enforcement

Excuse the cheesiness of writing about a pot bill today. But I’m in the Bay, so it’s sort of inescapable.

The Basics

    • AB 1578 would prohibit state and local agencies from assisting with the enforcement of federal marijuana laws unless coerced by a court order.


    Since California legalized recreational cannabis last year with the passage of Prop 64, it’s had the same struggle with implementation that other states that have legalized face: weed is considered illegal federally, in the United States, of which California is one…weed is legal and illegal at the same time…hope those of you partaking in today’s festivities take a moment to soak that paradox in. In fact, marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug federally (basically meaning the federal government has categorized it as one of the most harmful and addictive substances) alongside heroin, LSD, peyote, and ecstasy.

    This is problematic as the state considers how to commercialize and gain tax revenue from its newest cash crop. 

    The bill text is here.

    Who to call

    News coverage


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