AB 216 – postage on absentee ballots (and a little healthcare)

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. lately,.I could go into the reasons why (they’re actually pretty valid considering that typically when I’m ‘busy’ I’m really just watching Dateline reruns with my dog, doing a jigsaw puzzle, or brewing beer), but my life isn’t that interesting.

Politics on the other hand…I guess I should start by saying something about healthcare. It’s odd, I never knew how many of my acquaintances were experts on pre-existing conditions until this week. That’s me being a little snarky, but in all seriousness, it makes sense that everyone is paying attention to this one–unless you’re of the income bracket that you can pay all necessary or desirable healthcare costs out of pocket (you’re not reading my blog)–you have a horse in this race. So now what? While it may be satisfying to leave Darrell Issa a nasty message about how much you hate him for playing politics with our well-being and you’ll see him at the ballot box in 2018, I’m not sure that will improve anyone’s healthcare. If you have the inclination or wherewithal to read and understand the ACA and AHCA, definitely do that and try to present your reps with constructive ideas on what your needs are and what kind of health care policies would help you and your family. Sure, it’s not a rep’s job to cater to the hyper-individual needs of each constituent needs, but based on what I’ve read, a personal touch may stick out among vitriolic voicemails. Also, at this point, the bill is headed to the senate where it will likely undergo significant changes–make your voice heard! Also, if a measured educated opinion on healthcare is not something you feel you have the capacity for, simply informing your Senator of your position is better than nothing.

That’s enough about the rest of country, let’s return to the Golden State, where we need to consider the all important issue of….postage!

The Basics

  • Right now, if you get a mail ballot, you may have to put postage on it–this bill would require all state election vote-by-mail ballots to have an envelope with prepaid postage.


  • I realize that next to the healthcare fight happening out east this bill seems sort of ‘mehh’, but think about it for a second.
  • No, really, think about it. Voting is a basic civil liberty, should it be contingent on your ability to pay for stamps? Why should we pay money for something that is by definition a freedom? Also, to be honest, as someone who cares a great deal about voting, even I find mailing my ballot in to be an often cumbersome errand–it would be nice if I was guaranteed a prepaid envelope statewide.
  • On the flip side, this would cost local voter registrars money. How much? Would be burden be too great? Is it worth it? Could it lead to more people voting in districts where they no longer reside? (Research says no, voter fraud is not a major problem. Again, voting can be a pain in the ass, and when one vote means so little, there’s little incentive to game the system).

Who to call

  • Your state assemblymember. The bill passed out of its initial committee and is in the assembly appropriations suspense file, so a hearing date is TBD–not urgent, but when it comes up, it would be worth registering your support or opposition.

News Coverage



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