SB 100 – Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Gases

With all the hoopla about the Paris Agreement, I thought I’d post about a little more state-focused climate/energy policy. Though I suppose we are all breathing the same air. A point that California and many other liberal state government leaders have pointedly made to President Trump since his withdrawal from the Paris agreement.

The Basics

  • Would revise California’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Program to require the state to reach 50% energy from renewable sources by 2026 instead of 2030. The end goal is 100% renewable energy in California by 2045.


  • An obvious question you might have: what is California’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Program? Basically the Public Utilities Commission (PUC or CPUC here in California) administers this renewable energy standards program, that determines what percentage of the state’s utilities should come from renewable sources. So basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like.
  • Here is the full bill text.

Who to Call

  • Your state assemblymember. We’re at that point in the year that all the bills that are gonna make it to the governor’s desk are out of their house of origin, so anything that starts with SB is in the Assembly and anything that starts with AB is in the Senate.

News Coverage


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